To overcome poverty, to achieve gender equality, to enable decent work for all, to fight for a responsible production of goods ... and of course, to put an end to the climate crisis.

These are but a fraction of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, established by the UN and set to be achieved in 2030. A series of ambitious objectives, as they tackle crises that concern the entire planet, and that can only be overcome by joining our forces on a world scale.


The ODDATARA project chose to highlight five of these objectives, by telling the stories of artisans from two different places of the world - India and France - and their efforts to achieve them.

Whether in a hamlet in the French Alps or a village in Uttar Pradesh, a district of Delhi or an office in Annecy, these people strive for a common goal, by employing their creativity and their strength of character to achieve it. Often, the similarities between their stories are striking.


Immerse yourself in the ODDATARA web-documentary, and explore the worlds of these artisans through a series documentaries and photographic articles directed by Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo.


17 objectives to save the world


The Sustainable Development Goals give us an outline to achieve a fairer, more sustainable future for all. These goals are interconnected and, to leave no one behind, it is essential to reach every single one of them by 2030.

Apart from discovering each character’s story, this web-documentary can also be explored by checking each of the Sustainable Development Goals. You will thus be able to witness how the same challenges are confronted in India and in France.

Click on one of the goals to start exploring.

Note that these Objectives often intersect, and that you will recognize several of them in the same characters!

The ODDATARA project was carried out by the “Artisans du Monde” associations of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in particular AdM Annemasse , AdM Annecy , AdM Bourg-en-Bresse , AdM Bourgoin , AdM Grenoble , AdM Romans , AdM Valence , AdM Le-Puy-en-Velay , AdM Saint-Etienne , AdM Vieux-Lyon , AdM Lyon-Ouest , AdM Villeurbanne , and AdM Vienne.

These associations received Koko, from TARA Projects, during her tour in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes on January 2020.

The activities of the ODDATARA Project were also covered by  RCF radio.

Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo

On February 1st, 2020, 4 documentaries from the project were screened in Lyon, in an event hosted by  École 3A.


This screening was followed by three round tables about the SDGs “No Poverty”, “Decent Work” and “Gender Equality”, which were moderated by Manuel-Antonio Monteagudo. Representatives of the following organizations participated in these round tables:


The Oddatara project is funded by the European Union through the Frame, Voice, Report! Grant and managed in AURA by Resacoop.

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